Senior Project Fair 2019

April 12, 2019
1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Azrieli Pavilion, Carleton Univerisity

This Year's Lineup

  • R.E.M. (3D Animated Short)

    R.E.M is an animated short about dreaming, which uses surreal visuals to reflect the unpredictable nature of our subconscious minds. R.E.M is not a plot-driven story, but rather an abstract visual which will entice the audience to think about the dreamscapes that their own subconscious mind creates, and fill them with a sense of wonder. R.E.M will take the viewer on a visual journey, bringing out feelings like isolation, helplessness, hope, and acceptance.

  • Take In (VFX Short Film)

    Take In is a short VFX film that tells the story of Sam, a janitor. It’s just another day at work for her. As she’s mopping up the floors, she hears fighting in the auditorium down the hall. Curious, she heads towards the room. The fighting suddenly stops. Sam cautiously enters the room. Lying on the stage is a strange looking camera.

  • Dadirri (3D Game)

    The land of Dadirri, consisting of islands in the sky above Earth, is in great danger. Dadirri's sacred elemental temples have fallen into disrepair due to the Dadirrian peoples waning faith in the elemental spirits. As a result, both the human world and Dadirri have been polluted with toxic water and devastated by lava. The fate of both the human world and Dadirri rests on Avro, the last true Guardian. In this third-person puzzle-adventure game, Avro must navigate through Dadirri’s water and fire temples using his shapeshifting abilities, bestowed by the elemental spirits, solving puzzles to fix the mechanisms that govern the flow of elements on Dadirri and Earth.

  • Toaster Studios (3D Animation)

    A 3D animated short film about a young inventor and her robots! Come see a heart warming story about relationships and how anyone who truly cares about you will stick with you through all your ups and downs

  • Iridescence (3D Animation, Real-Time Rendered)

    Iridescence is a 3D Animated Short-Film which tells is the story of two Pneuma as they harness the magic that gave them life known as The Confluence, and are forced to overcome each others core trauma together. If they can survive together they will emerge as soulmates, and Demiurge. The guardians of The Confluence, and the deities of this world.

  • Round Trip (VFX Short Film)

    Round Trip is an experimental VFX short film that aims to create an experience more like an art exhibit than a traditional movie. Looping from end to beginning, the audience can walk-up-and-watch from any point in the film’s runtime and gain a different experience from the narrative. In this, our team (Sheepless Knights) explore themes of human-computer interaction, and where those lines can blur

  • An Arm and a Leg (3D Game, and Tracking Suit)

    An Arm and a Leg is an interactive multiplayer game which uses six wearable controllers to move a single character in the game. The multiplayer mode has a unique uncoupling of controls. Multiplayer supports up to six players, where players can divide up the wearable controllers; to work collaboratively and complete one of the four mini-games. The mini-games available are archery, catch, cycling and obstacle course.

  • Sentinel (3D Game)

    Sentinel is a sci-fi third-person action adventure game. The newly chosen Sentinel awakens on an alien world that has been overtaken by a tyrannical dictator. Only by fighting through hordes of corrupted minions and defeating powerful foes can Sentinel cleanse the planet and free its inhabitants.

  • Metal Shepherd (3D Game)

    After years of seclusion, peace and serenity tending to your animals, a destructive force suddenly attacks and abducts your herd. You must leave the once safe boundaries of your homestead and journey into the unknown as you explore a vibrant island filled with danger, mystery and adventure to recover your herd from the menacing diesel-bots.